People are GOAL directed

5 of 9 Adlerian ideas
Wes Wingett PhD
Thank you for reading some of the writing that I have done about Adlerian psychology, I appreciate it. Facing challenges with hope, courage, optimism, discipline, adjustment, education, and encouragement are ideas inherent in the psychology developed by Alfred Adler and the people that have been trained in his theory.
Here is a brief summary of the first four principles.
People are social beings seeking ways to connect and contribute in families, schools, and communities.
People are creative, responsive, and responsible for their thinking, emotions, and behaviors.
People develop their individual view of themselves, others, and events and decide through the development of a private logic system how to proceed through life.
People are holistic, indivisible creatures functioning as biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual/philosophical beings.
This writing focuses on the fifth principle of Adlerian psychology that I have developed based on my thinking about Adler’s ideas.
The fifth principle states that people are goal directed; they are striving to move toward a self-defined and self-created sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, satisfaction, success, or some other goal ultimately to solve five intertwined challenges of living.
Three of the great thinkers in modern day psychology are Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, and Alfred Adler.
During the first three decades of the twentieth century, these brilliant thinkers devised conceptualizations about the human condition.
Freud and Adler seemed to have the most intellectual differences resulting in Adler’s leaving of the Freudian group in 1911.
Freud believed that humans were driven by instincts and a powerful subconscious, Adler ascertained that individuals were not driven, but drivers, derivers, directors moving toward a self-created goal.
This self-created goal is created by individuals based on their perceptions gathered about themselves, others, and the world. Adler in his writings uses several words to describe that individualistic goal.
Adler believes that people are striving toward a self-created and self-defined sense of accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment, satisfaction, security, significance, or success.
Individuals are seeking to reach their self-created goals. Imagine a toddler riding a wheeled vehicle of some sort. The toddler has a direction, a goal, a destination that may not be known to self or others, however, the toddler keeps moving or striving. The movement or striving toward a goal, many times fictional and always imperfectly achievable, pulls us forward to meet the challenges of living.
The movement or striving may be toward or away from people, overpowering or allowing others to overpower us. The movement may be slow, deliberate, cautious, care-free, speedy, thoughtfully, carelessly. However, the direction and speed of the movement or striving can be altered through self- understanding, through education, through education, through experiencing self as a connected, capable, contributing member of society.
Individuals seek to solve five challenges of living, 1) work and play, 2) self-care and self-confidence, 3) family, friends, and community, 4) intimate relationships, and 5) spirituality/philosophical values.
Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.
Please let me know what you think about these writings. With your help we can create a better world. Use private messages if you choose.
Thanks, take care, be safe.
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People are GOAL directed

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